5 Activities To Encourage Interns For Online Internship

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Since the pandemic struck and the nationwide lockdown was implemented. Millions of people from various industries have found themselves working from home, even as restrictions are lifting. It was also applicable to the interns doing work-from-home internships.

Getting an intern to work together can be difficult under any circumstances. But, trying to encourage interns when nobody’s in the office can be even more challenging.

An online internship involves many elements, including clear communication, listening skills, adaptability, and boundaries. Follow some steps to apply for remote interns:

1. Keep Things As Normal As Possible

Uncertainty and instability drive people apart and rust relationships. Therefore, making sense of stability is vital in keeping your interns working together. 

The global health crisis has played devastation on people’s mental health. Maintaining an air of normalcy can equip interns with comfort and routine amidst the chaos during their unpaid or paid internship.

2. Keep Clear Limitations

Many interns doing work-from-home internships have lapsed into limbo, involving pajama pants and the occasional shirt and tie for video calls. No doubt it is harmless, but lack of limitation can throw off people, especially interns. They are linked with the traditional professional corporate culture, so giving them a taste of it is important.  

3. Actively Practice Communication

Some interns find face-to-face communication challenging, but most struggle with getting their point across via email, messenger, or telephonically.

In this age of isolation, it’s helpful to be patient with one another and make your point clear. Considering there will be no face-to-face contact for an international online internship, make sure you can express yourself via zoom, skype or more.

4. Get To Know You Better Games

Some interns find online meetings and video calls impersonal, but for others, it can provoke a terrifying feeling. In one sense, your coworkers and managers are suddenly right there in your home.

Using online platforms for meetings can be very awkward, and one way of breaking the ice is to play games that allow interns to learn more about each other and work more effectively together. Moreover, interns will feel welcome to open up and make professional networks in their online internship program

5. Teach One Another

People often don’t stop to discover that their interns have never experienced the process of an online internship. As an mentor, you must give your interns a formal session regarding the task and how the company works. 

Organize a virtual meet-up once every couple of weeks and ask an intern to think of a skill they have that they could share with everyone else. Some interns might think they have nothing to teach, but after some consideration, everyone can come up with something their coworkers would love to know more about.

Working remotely is difficult. But if you implement these tips, you should find that interns are one less issue you need to worry about!

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