Advantages of Optimizing Google feature Snippets In 2019

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Introduction of internet in business has changed the world of business as we see it. Nowadays, online presence has been one indispensable part of operating business.

In this scenario, business organizations are starting to utilize the platform to reach more consumers globally. This is the time where SEO comes into play!

You need to fulfill the criteria for a better result in search engine result pages (SERPs)- Google feature snippet optimization is the most innovative and effective way of all.

Google feature Snippets- A Brief Overview

A special type of search results, featured snippets appear at the top of the search results. It is positioned in such way as Google considers your content has the most appropriate answer for the question asked by a user.

“When you ask any question on Google or search with any keyword, a special block of information may appear, which is known as feature snippets.”

In majority of all cases, Google adds an image along with a feature snippet. However, source for the image can be different from the source for the answer.

In the era of digitization and internet, Google feature snippets are one of the best tools that help you to combat tough competitions in global market. In order to increase your online business, you must consider the following factors

  • Your website must rank among the top results in search results, as visitors prefer to click through top links of a search result more frequently and they do not even proceed to next page.
  • Google algorithms are consistently changing and they are never predictable.
  • In order to rank among the top lists of a SERP (search engine result page), you need to update your website contents more frequently.
  • You need to remain within the boundaries of regulations amended by Google Search console while applying several SEO tricks and techniques. Otherwise, your website may be penalized.

However,” feature snippets usually answer what, who, when, how, and why type questions.”

Types Of feature Snippets

Generally, there were three types of feature snippets until inclusion of a new and trendy type namely, “Video snippets“. All of these types are discussed in brief below:

  • Paragraph snippets

In this snippet, questions such as “how, who, why, when, what” are answered in a paragraph format. The screenshot showed below is an example of paragraph feature snippet. These kinds of snippets are the most popular of all.

  • List snippets

In this type of snippets, answers are presented in a numbered or bulleted list. Contents are presented in step by step way to answer recipes and other such procedures. Following infographic is a perfect example for list snippets.

  • Table snippets

You might have seen table snippets for many times where information is presented to elaborate things like comparison charts.

“Google values well-structured content with price rates, years, and other numerical data. Here is an example of the table featured snippets which highlight the top three skyscrapers according to their height in descending way.

  • Video snippets

In the new and fourth type of feature snippet, Google will create a link with the relevant YouTube video that holds the answer for user questions.

These videos are also termed as suggested clips and the method is only applicable to YouTube video.

Why Google Feature Snippets Are Important

As Google feature snippets are a special type of prioritized of Google SERPs (search engine result pages), it’s obvious for it to have many advantageous results.

Google snippets always appear on top of the search result pages, they manifest many competitive advantages.

  • Google feature snippets make your website more attractive

Google considers search queries on top of SERP those contents with a better look along with appropriate relevance with the content. So, providing quality content is not sufficient in the world of online business, you have to put more efforts. Google snippets are probably the best solution to fulfill the criteria demanded from both Google and user end.

Out of five infographics presented in the topic, three from top highlight the components of a good feature snippet where an image is inserted along with the content.

“If your posted content is with great look and feel, users will click through it.”

  • Snippets fetch user-friendly results

With the increasing availability of tools and techniques, user has been empowered to go beyond their capability. This has also increased the level of demand from consumer end.

Nowadays, users desire for best results with less effort and time, and also the information must be easy to understand and appropriate. 

With the help of the Google search algorithms, Google has become able to do this and make it available directly to the user end.

As feature snippets fulfill the criteria of less effort for research and have it as fast as possible, creating such indices will help to increase your appearance on top of search results.

  • It increases customer turnover rates (CTR)

The reasons behind high click-through rate (CTR) are appearance of the feature snippets. If appropriate and up to the mark, they are highlighted on top of the search result page, even at the top of advertisement.

High click-through rate acts as a “positive feedback mechanism” where higher the number of click through, the more Google considers your content be of high-quality. 

Additionally, an increase in click-through rate elevates organic traffic and results in increased revenue.

  • Snippets boost organic traffic

Everyone desires for more traffic to their websites. Google feature snippets are the best way to direct more traffic to your website. Google feature snippets help you to make your website easily accessible.

To be more specific, this traffic is very effective as they result in real intention. Hence, it manifests more conversion rates than other SEO strategies.

The more visitors go through your website, the more chances for you to sell your products.

  • feature snippets draw quality results

You can imagine the idea to what extent your content needs to be such meaningful, informative and relevant.

All of these interesting phenomena are carried out by Google solely with the application of search algorithms. This is the part of web marketing India. Google always highlights top-notch content in feature snippets where failure to fulfil expected criteria can potentially decrease your acceptability.

In this scenario, content quality is far more preferred against content quantity.

Final Words

Since the introduction of internet, the world of business has witnessed drastic changes in the way of operating business.

Numerous organizations are competing to thrive in online business and pose greater threats to the survival of your business. If you want to make your business rise above the canopy of competing online business organizations, then mere SEO is not going to be effective. You need to think out-of-the-box and conceive innovative ideas that will facilitate to become the fittest of all”. Google feature snippets optimization is among them.

Now, since you have understood the immense importance of Google feature snippets in search optimization, let’s implement the ever-innovative strategy that will foster you with unprecedented growth.

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