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Along with proper diet, Lifestyle and Life management are very important. According to Ayurveda, there are some rules and regulations to keep body and mind in a healthy state.
We all know about the timings to sleep, eat, etc but somewhere we don’t know the reasons behind them and maybe that’s why we are not willing to follow a healthy lifestyle. Food, sleep, Bharahmacharya, and yoga are the key points for a healthy and happy life.
Let’s start our daily routine:

1.Wake up at least 96 minutes before sunrise:
Brahma-muhurta starts 96 minutes before sunrise and it is considered as the best time to wake up and start your day. In this time period cosmic energies are highest and brain functions very well. As 2 Am-6 Am is considered as Vata time, you should do your most important work of the day at this time. Due to minimize noise pollution and fresh air, our mind concentrates easily and can perform various tasks with good output. Fresh air and less pollution itself has great health benefits.
The human body is about 72% water. While we sleep, our body slowly becomes dehydrated because it needs fluid to operate. Drink at least 2 glasses of lukewarm water to rehydrate. It fires up the metabolism and flushes out toxins. Also, don’t drink water in standing position, sit and then drink slowly.
3.Empty your bowels
4.Cleansing of senses:
Ayurveda recommends purifying the senses each day. Refresh and energize by splashing the face with cool or luke-warm water. Gently wash ears. Use a neti pot with saline solution to cleanse the nasal passages. Brush the teeth. Scrape the tongue using a tongue cleaner to remove any coating. Notice your tongue each morning. A thick coating is indicative of ‘ama’ or toxins in the digestive tract. Scraping the tongue helps to purify your sense of taste and benefits the internal organs. Finally, gargle with warm water, or saltwater and turmeric to help purify and strengthen the voice and keep the gums, mouth, and throat healthy.
Just as we cleanse our bodies each day, we must also cleanse our minds of accumulated thoughts that no longer serve us. Be still. Direct your attention inward. Notice your breath. Invite calm and relaxation into the body for a few minutes each day. This practice acts as a protective shield to the destabilizing influences of the external environment.
Do yoga/exercise for good blood circulation, muscle strength, flexibility boosting up immunity and protect you from various diseases
Bathing helps to refresh mood, reduce fatigue, improves blood circulation, remove germs and foul smell from the skin and regulate the temperature of the body.
What to eat is important but when to eat is also equally important
It is a very important part and people sometimes skip it. Skipping breakfast particularly irritates Pitta, An imbalanced Pitta can result in irritability and unsettled emotions. A good way to break the habit of skipping breakfast is to make and drink fresh fruit or vegetable juices. Rehydrating the body with fresh, natural, and nourishing fluids will help you get a head start on a busy day.
At the start of the day, sometimes between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m., agni is quite low, and it’s not easy for most bodies to digest a big breakfast. Ayurvedic practitioners recommend an “easily digestible” meal that nourishes the body by giving it the fuel it needs, without overwhelming it. Breakfast should be eaten after sunrise.
A morning routine is quite difficult to maintain but nothing is impossible for you. Practice makes the man perfect and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, so don’t give up and always try harder and harder to achieve a good lifestyle for you.
Lunch should be the heaviest meal of the day. When the sun is at the peak, the digestive fire(i.e pitta) is at its best. Food is digested,  nutrients and minerals are absorbed effectively.
The sun and pitta are quite synchronized and as the sun’s energy reduces afternoon, digestive fire also reduces.
Dinner should be done before sunset. Dinner should be light and easily digestible. Heavy meals during night overloads digestive organs and body can’t absorb nutrients and minerals properly, results in gas, constipation, belly fat, toxicity or ama.
Today in the modern culture usually dinner is meant to be the heaviest meal, all parties are done at night that is so much toxic for our body. Due to which today even teenagers face digestion issues that were uncommon decades back.
A glass of milk will fulfill your protein requirement throughout the night as body and mind start working to repair cells, tissues, and muscles which requires energy.
The best time to sleep is considered from 10 Pm to 4 Am. As pitta dominant from 10 Pm to 2 Am, pitta seated organs need to be repaired so we should be asleep by this time and there must be no digestion process going on otherwise all pitta energy will be consumed in digestion and organs like liver, spleen, skin, etc will become weak with time. Also to wake up early you have to sleep early.

Key Points to remember:

Abhyanga:-Oil massage your skin once a week to give nourishment to the skin, good blood circulation, balance pitta, strengthen muscles, bones, and joints.Make use of natural oil(Vata- sesame seed oil, pitta- coconut oil, Kapha- corn/sesame oil).(know your dosha)

Nasya:-According to Ayurveda, the sinus cavity is the gateway to the brain, mind, and consciousness. Nasya, the practice of lubricating the nasal cavities and sinuses by gently placing a few drops of herbal and non-herbal oil into each nostril. It can aid with mental and emotional stress, as well as tension in the head, throat, neck, jaw, and shoulders. Nasya also offers support for imbalances related to prana Vayu, pitta, and Kapha.

Your posture also matters a lot, whenever you sit or lay down, your back must be straight.
Between 2 Pm to 5 Pm, you can also take a power nap if you feel like but not more than 1 hour.
Taking herbs at the same time each day will enhance their medicinal effect. Herbs taken on an empty stomach have the most potent action in the body.

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