BLAZE YOUR CERTIFICATION- Direct Road To Get Certified

BLAZE YOUR CERTIFICATION- Direct Road To Get Certified

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Salesforce Admin Certification is a proctored exam from The exam is proctored by Kryterion and can be taken either onsite or online. The certification exam is made up of 60 multiple choice/multi-select Questions with 105 Minutes to complete it. Passing score is 65%. Registration fees for the exam are $200 USD and retake is $100 USD. No Hard-copy or online material can be referenced during the exam.

The Salesforce Administrator credential is designed for those who have experience with Salesforce and continuously look for ways to assist their companies in getting even more from additional features and capabilities.

Let’s Dive How I Cleared My Admin Certification

I was learning Salesforce for almost a year and thus  almost finished 60% of Salesforce Administrator Certification Preparation Trailmix . And then there i saw a tweet by Esha Garg about #BlazeYourCertification series in which Esha Garg and Arpit Vijayvergiya were going to be there to guide all the participants and help them in clearing certification exam . But i was late to register for it. So I wait for Season II . 

5 Days For #BYC

Here comes the brush up time , when they took the sessions via Google meet and cleared the basic concepts of topics covered in Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam Practice Trailmix . 

#BlazeYourCertification Agenda

Esha Garg and Arpit Vijayvergiya shared the agenda to all the participants very first day , and they literally fulfilled it . They shared the exam outline to the participants , introduced all of them to the trailmix to prepare certification exam. They shared the Exam Guide available on Trailhead. 

Arpit Vijayvergiya and Esha Garg brushed up the participants concepts . They both were available for participants to clear their doubts at the end of each session . Day by day each and every concepts were cleared to all the attendies . At the end of the session they announced a champion from their series . They believed in motivating others and awarded the winner 

1 Week For Trailmix

After the 5 sessions they started having one to one sessions with the attendees . Esha Garg called me and asked me to schedule the Certification and start having one to one sessions with them . I schedule the exam and started preparing for my exam . I went through the whole trailmix again and practice hands-on. I prepared the topics according to their weightage in exam and checked  it out by Trailhead Exam Guide .

Recommended Training and References

We recommend a combination of hands-on experience, training course completion, Trailhead trails, and self-study in the areas listed in the Exam Outline section of this guide.

The self-study materials recommended for this exam include:

Esha Garg and Arpit Vijayvergiya were constantly available for me to clear my doubts . We had one to one sessions and quick calls as well.
I felt prepared for the exam and they suggested me to give practice test on Webassesor.

Webassesor Practice Test

Webassesor is the platform used by Salesforce for proctoring these exams. When registering for an exam you also have the option to register for a mock exam. It will cost you $20 for this practice exam . The one big problem I found using this method was the lack of clear answers.

Once you go through all 60 questions (65 when taking the real exam), you get a pass/fail grade along with areas where you performed well Vs. where you were lagging. What i did , Since this exam is unproctored i noted down the questions and concepts in which i was lagging.

These are the results of the mock test. As you may notice, you’re only provided with an aggregate percentage in the 12 different categories. You have no clue on what was right or wrong answers. I scored only 45% which made me clear that  i am not prepared for the exam . I shared my results with Esha Garg and Arpit Vijayvergiya and we had a quick call regarding my preparation and next step preparation.

Salesforce Help Documents

Salesforce help documents are the official documents provided by Salesforce related to Topics. All you need to do, is just google the topic and click the link which begins from ” ” . 
Example you can find  following topics from these links

I read out all the concepts in help documents , practice hands-on. It was there, when I came to know that their were a lot of concepts which I had missed out from trailmix .  

Practice Mock Tests

I believe that “You will get to learn more by practicing questions than reading it out” . So I asked from my mentors and search practice questions on google and start solving them . There I found Salesforce Ben  and where I practiced questions and solve them . These quizes helps you in time management and make you understand concepts much better . 
This is where you can take the mock exams for Admin 201. There are some other exams listed here as well i.e. Advanced Salesforce AdminPlatform App BuilderSales Cloud & Marketing Cloud Email Specialist.


These days were dedicated entirely towards taking that one test which helped me with over 60% of the answers. Now, I want you to know that I did not just start with the platform. I’ve been a Salesforce Admin since June 2018. I did not know anything about Salesforce when I first started. However, through trial and error and the awesome trailblazer community of Salesforce experts, I was able to make my way to understanding Salesforce and getting my certification.

Last 2 days

I felt I was prepared to appear for the exam So I gave another exam certification practice test to identify my weak concepts . 

Here I came with a better result of 71% and found my weak concepts as Security and Access , Reports and Dashboards.
This just motivated me , I shared my results with my mentors and they asked me to study for my weak concepts . I again googled those topics and studied them from Salesforce Help Documents 

RELAXED , MOTIVATED , CONFIDENT  – These are the basic requirements you need, when you are going to appear for the exams and I got them through the one to one sessions with my mentors of #BlazeYourCertification

EXAMTIPS – They provide me all the guidelines about appearing from the exam . The exam room should be isolated , do not have any writing equipment , should not be any noise disturbance as well . You are not even allowed to read out the exam questions loudly . And a situation can be arise there when your exam get paused for a while if any sort of disturbance occured . Not even just the preparation they even motivate you to grow further by giving you a digital card.

My Digital Card

A final piece of parting advice, some folks are tempted to buy Salesforce Admin Certification dumps. However, I would recommend that you do it the right way and learn the basic principles first . If you don’t understand the basic principles of what a Salesforce Admin does then the Certification might not be the right thing for you right now. Its just you will only feel proud of having this certification on your profile you earned it by yourself not by dumps.

One thing I would like to conclude about #BlazeYourCertification is “You will get all the study matter on internet , but what makes them special is their motivation , guidance , roadmap and constant support”. 

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