What is Javascript in brief(summary)

Hello folks, in this quarantine period, let’s know something about javascript. What Is Javascript  Javascript is a programming language was initially created by Brenden Eich to make “web pages alive”. The programs in this language are called scripts.  It is most commonly known as a client-side scripting language.  Note:- Javascript is a loosely typed programming language and dynamically typed scripting language (explanations will be given in the upcoming Read more…

Lets get to know what SALESFORCE is

As the name suggests “SALESFORCE ” , it must be a sales organization. Many people confuse it with technology. Well, it is one of the biggest myths to consider salesforce as just a sales organization or sales technology. SALESFORCE is an America cloud-based software company that was founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff and Parker Harris.  Salesforce is cloud computing organization that uses out of Read more…


Meaning Business is a term widely used for commodities transactions for earning. In easy terms, its group of people working together for earning their livelihood. Businesses can be of various forms starting from lower labor levels catering to selling big company products. It involves different processes that make it worthwhile and tasks get accomplished. Business ideas to flourish There might be a thousand ways to Read more…

How the use of reborn dolls help dementia patients live a better lifestyle

Dementia can be classified alongside diseases that affect the nervous system and which touches on the functionality of brain cells. It’s a progressive and generally an irreversible loss of mental faculties. In the end, progressive dementia becomes Alzheimer’s disease, which is caused by the degeneration of brain cells. It results in memory loss, which is followed by mental confusion, apathy, and depression.  Doctors recommend therapy Read more…

Tips for Staying Warm during the winter

Your home is where you always find comfort. It’s a lace that you always find solace after a difficult day at work. It’s therefore of utmost importance to ensure that you make it as comfortable as possible. Even so, numerous circumstances can make your home very uncomfortable especially if you are an elderly person. Apart from different issues such as noise pollution and the hassle Read more…

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