Elon Musk Neuralink’s Magic

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Do you ever want to download the skills into your brain, operate robots with the brain, stream music, save and replay the favorite memories, play video games with the brain, and many more? No No, it is not about the Science fiction action film which you are thinking about. Elon, founder of many futuristic projects like Tesla, SpaceX, the boring Company, and much more influence by Odyssey clock quote “Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic!” now wants to come into your brain with the most impressive and invasive technology of Merging humans with Machine-Neuralink.

Elon explaining about Neuralink

Chip installation and working

The dread of Artificial Intelligence taking over the human race makes Elon come up with Brain-Machine Interface (BMI). Elon compiles it as Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires. How can one imbed the chip in the brain! The whole process of chip coronation is done by a fully automated neurosurgical robot, with accurate precision of no bleeding within an hour. The robot images the brain and inserts the electrodes with no noticeable damage, and closes things up. A compact inductive charger wirelessly connects to the implant to charge the battery from the outside.

But, how can it perceive our brain activity? Neurons in our body send and receive information from various parts through chemical signals called neurotransmitters. These generate a small electrical field from where the electrodes record the reactions and translate them into an algorithm that a machine can interpret. This way, neuralink makes our brain regulate-machines.

Implantation of chip

Chip demonstration on pigs

Does it work on humans? Recently, Elon made a brain chip demonstration on three pigs named Joyce, Dorothy, and Gertrude, where Joyce didn’t have an implant. Dorothy had an implant, but it was removed, after removing the implant Dorothy is supernormal and safe. Meanwhile, Gertrude currently had the implant used to demonstrate the neural brain activity in real-time for different stimuli. Elon confidently says that the first human implantation will come soon.

Applications of Neuralink

What stuff can we do with this technology? The exertion of neuralink is limitless, but the initial focus of the company is on patients who are with paralysis, neurological disorders, and spinal injuries. If technology flourishes, one can be able to restore the sensory and motor functions, disease prediction, telepathy, save and replay the memories, AI symbiosis, Painless surgeries, control machines, download your brain into a computer, and many more. Anyhow, the Neuralink team has a lot of ethical and technological barriers to cross. What are you thinking about this exciting technology?!

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