Event Management system using python Flask

Event Management system using python Flask

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This project has been developed for solving the notification problem for host and visitor. It is a web application based on Python Flask with SQLAlchemy Database and Textlocal API.


If you have any client or deal fixing meeting with anyone, then everyone wants a website or app that can notify the arrival of the visitor by SMS or Email to the host with information such as Name, Email, Phone Number and Checkin time. And as a visitor, Anybody wants a piece of host information with check-in and check-out time through a registered Email


This web application will trigger an email and an SMS to the host informing him of the details of the visitor. And after checkout by Visitor, he will get information about the host with check-in and check-out time.

How to Setup the Website

Step 1) Download the zip file of the project and extract it to your local system.

Step 2) Open the terminal to the project folder location

Specifying the path in the terminal

cd location_of_the_folder 

Step 3) Instaling the packages

pip install -r requirements.txt

Step 4) Running the Project on the local system

 python app.py 

Step 5) Open


on your browser


Please Test the code in time-interval between 9 AM -9 PM otherwise SMS API services don’t work, its a free API policy.

Error Possibilities


Solve this error by running the following command

pip install module_name

Not Getting The SMS

API has a limit to only 10 SMS sending to any number. I have consumed 1 SMS for testing and 1 SMS for screenshot purposes, so it has only 8 SMS balance now.
If you can check the balance in the terminal of the SMS usage.

How does Application Work

At the Home screen, User has an two-button option, One for Host and One for the visitor. In First step, the Host has to fill up the detail in the host section. All the host detail get saved into the database and the screen will show up Thank page to the host.
Now, If you are visiting as a visitor, select the visitor option on the home screen. Fill up your detail on the given form, click on the check-in button. Now all the information will get saved into the database and now the application will trigger an Email and Sms to the Host about the visitor arrival with his information. The checkout page will be trigged on the visitor screen with the Checkout button. After clicking on the checkout button, the Visitor will get a piece of information regarding the host with check-in and check-out time through an Email. Finally Thank the message will on the visitor Screen.

Note: I have not hide host button, to make the user application simple for testing purpose by Evaluator.

Application Overview

Front End

Front has been developed on HTML,CSS,Javascript. It has the following page:

  1. index – This is the home screen page having the two options for host and visitor.
  2. Host – Page is developed for getting information from the host
  3. Hostthank – Thank you message page with the home button.
  4. visitor – This page has been developed to get visitor information with check-in time.
  5. hostcheck -This page will be triggered when visitor just check-in to provide a check-out option.
  6. thankvisitor This is thank giving page to the visitor.


Backend is developed using the Python Flask with SQLAlchemy(Object Relational Mapper(ORM)) database and TextLocal API for SMS delivery.

  1. Python Flask: Flask is a micro web framework written in Python. It is classified as a microframework because it does not require particular tools or libraries. It has no database abstraction layer, form validation, or any other components where pre-existing third-party libraries provide common functions.

2. SQLAlchemy: SQLAlchemy is an open-source SQL toolkit and object-relational mapper for the Python programming language released under the MIT License
3. TextLocal Sms Api: With a Textlocal account, user have instant access to API, this enables user to easily integrate SMS services with website, software or CRM application in PHP, ASP, .NET, Java or any other language.


Host Backend Overview

Information -> Database -> Host Back to Homescreen 

Visitor Backend Overview

Information -> Database -> Information fetch -> Transfered to Email and SMS function -> Successfully Transfered to Host -> checkout by visitor -> Information Email to user End.

Basic Overview

Screenshot from 2019-11-28 11-23-38

Output Result

Host E-Mail


Host SMS


Visitor EMail



Screenshot can have different time as features are tested at different time. SMS feature is tested only 2 times as it has usage bound of 10 SMS for an single account on the free trial

This project is developed by indigenously. It’s has not been copied and paste from Github. You can follow me on my github handle: vishal2612200

Download Project Link:


Note: If you find any difficulties in this project, contact me on my freshlybuilt profile.

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