Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page has been developed to clear few doubts related to this platform.



What’s Does we do?

We have a plan to develop a platform on which user don’t have to pay for reading the content. It will be User By, User For platform

What are things that we can post here?

Here you post any type of content except harmful for society. you can use it personal blog, you can also upload status of your on your profile. There is no limitation of content posting on this platform. But, For posts other than your profile, we will be manually reading your content.

Do you want to publish your GitHub project?

You can post information related to your GitHub project on this platform, we will provide you a certificate for your GitHub project on this platform, according to the different number of project showcase on this platform. we respect your hard work and want to spread your project information to the world. Showcase your project on our platform.



How does our platform help poor children?

We invest 10% earning from this platform in their earning we select poor students and then try to give education to them without any cost. This money is invested to buy accessories for them. More traffic, this website has more will be they helped from it. For output purpose, we will also upload the images of our program on this platform



Does this platform have internships?

Yes, we provide you internship certificate for different content writing topics. Top performers will also get goodies along with a certificate for their works