G.B Pant Government Engineering College(Gbpec,Delhi)-Review

G.B Pant Government Engineering College(Gbpec,Delhi)-Review

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It comes under top engineering college of Delhi having good reviews from students. It is Government college runs by Delhi Government established in 2007. It is located at Okhla, Delhi, India. The college is affiliated to the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha UniversityGGSIPU) in New Delhi, India.

It have only three engineering branches:

  • Computer Science Engineering(CSE)
  • Mechanical And Automation Engineering(MAE)
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE)

Technical information you can also found from Wikipedia page also. But here, I will try to share my experiences with you.

Going back to the days when first time, I entered this college for pre-admission inspection, First thought came into my mind, I can choose any college but this college…A BIG NO…(It is due to bad infrastructure and I also have other college options as I secured 1200 rank in the IPU entrance exam).

Then, I go to the spot round to change my college, At last moment, I suddenly changed my decision and choose this college.  But, I was totally incorrect at that moment.

So here are my observation(Reviews) about this college…


In India, the brand is the most important thing that you will face at any interview in life. This college you provide you two tags, “Delhi” with “Government College”. I think private college can provide you much better infrastructure at a higher cost, But they can never provide you these tags. so “India h mere yaar yha bs naam chlta h hr place”(In India, Brand name works everywhere) so, always try to believe on govt tag, it matters a lot at any place.  


A nearest Metro station is Govindpuri Metro Station which is nearly located at 10 min distance. This college has all types of transportation connectivity. You will never find any transportation issue with this location.


Faculty comes after a tough selection process. College has teachers from IIT, NIT,  and other prestigious colleges. Nature of teachers is also supportive to the students. They give you marks without any biases toward any students.

Students Culture:

You will find a small new family that you can trust on outside your home. Senior and Juniors live like a family…Joking and enjoying with each other is part of normal life…An environment that never let you get bored. If I have to explain in one line then, it would be, “Small area with good quality of students with creative minds”.

If you are a born fighter with motivation and wants to explore and test your skills, then this place will give you that thing. I think, ” Time is a most important and precious thing in the life that person always wants to spend on aims“. This College gives you enough time to do your long awaited things in your life.


Fee Structure:

First year: 40k

Second, Third, Fourth year: 35k

Total = 1 lakh 45 k Rupees

Bonus offer: Scholarships provided to a different student based on different criteria. Some students are also who do not pay a single penny as college fees due to scholarships… Scholarships are available to most of the students.

Minimum starting Package: 2 lakh per annum(increasing every year)

Result: Profit…Profit…Profit… Starting from the first Year of job…No pressure of education loan… There is no fee structure can be better than this college. One of the biggest advantage of this college.



link :


This college is categorized as the best college for a mechanical branch in Delhi. Computer Science engineering of this college is becoming a recognized force in Delhi day by day…I can see this college as a future investment as after infrastructure it will be among the top college of Delhi. College is getting stronger in term of placement year by year.


Some students are there in the college who have also internship in thier first year also. For internship you have to find yourself companies don’t come up , you have to apply yourself. So it give real scenario about the market which technoloigies are getting trending in the market. Many of the student got internship by this route .

Communities and Fest

Yes, This college has various types of communities created by the collaboration of different year student. Every year Cultural, Technical and sports fest organize in the college for better interaction with different college students. You will enjoy these fests and also you will definitely get a chance to participate in these fests as team members starting from the first year. Workshops are organized at different period of time to enrich the skills for the students. For Photos, you can visit the official website of the college.


Here this lack of merits, It has a small campus but class equipped with projectors and stairs are now friendly to physically disabled person. Delhi government have approved the proposal for new infrastructure as an integrated campus with polytechnic college with upgrading up to M.Tech courses.

What you want to be it totally your choice College works, I accept this but at the end of the day you have to put your effort.

If you believe in your hard work rather than luck, and want some interesting story of success in your life. This college welcome you. If you believe on a brand like IIT and NIT, rather than hard work, this college doesn’t belong to you.

If you are average, it may give average start of 4.5 lacs (approx).But if you are talented and learner , then experience gain from here will help you to be successful and motivated in your life.

This college has produced Inshort CTO , GATE Stars, GRE Stars, but at the same time, some jobless people (due to their behaviour and ideology) also. Alumni of this college working in Some brand company also such as GOOGLE, MICROSOFT etc.It depends on you which category you want to belong to.

SENIOR STUDENTS :they are supportive one you can discuss your problem…at any time.

Cultural Fest :There are also fests happened in this college in both semesters such as inceptum(technical fest),drama fest ,sport fest internal and intercollege separately.

Marks policy : marks are spread given in bulk, it is given according to your performance.. But don’t expect 25 /25 in internal examination. It will be around 18–19 if you are just average.

Internship – it depends on your skills how you build it according to the industry. And for this purpose you need TIME. And this college can be best for you if you want time on yourself.You have to find your internship yourself, but if you are hard worker,it doesn’t bother you. Some students got internship in their first year also.

There are practice coding contest events organized on weekend days for first and second year student to improve coding skills of beginner.This initiative is start from this first year batch to build up strong coding culture among the student.

We have some e-Learning student platform build up by college student such as passhojao.com, and social media learning platform freshlybuilt.com

Strong society culture has been developed between the society. Society are not just a name they work with all members participation.

Quality of student are not average,they come up with above average tag ,but due to their hard -work they have become strong contender for good job. Students are waiting to prove themselves. Come and join our journey to make this college a strong brand.

I think you will find this college upto not your level at first on sight view but at the end of degree you will loved it.

It’s not a hell…it’s a small wonderful world.

And this college will be among top colleges after getting infrastructure. And infrastructure process is going on. As it a governmental process so you can think it.

This is my whole analysis of this college. But This college has better students then various college. It will be a good option to choose, If you like to face new challenges and experiences in life.

G B Pant Government Engineering College
G B Pant Engineering College was established by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi in the year 2007 with the aim of imparting quality technical education for the students …

Delhi Govt approves construction of integrated campus of GB Pant Engineering College to provide world class infrast… https://t.co/W0tchArOA5

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