How do I start my coding journey

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2 August 2018 Day, I entered the first time into my college after enrolling in the computer science and Engineering course, I have not any idea what does programming means, I has never thought about on programming world. But, On first day, as usual some intro going on, I am quite observer, I have a habit to analysis all thing around me in silent mode. That day, one word is attracting me that is “Programming”. As most of the Indian student, I was also planning for GATE after the completion of B.Tech.

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Now, curiosity of mine toward programming word taking me down closer to programming world. Slowly and gradually, Interest in this word has been generated. But, main problem is no one is here to me to get more down into this world. After downloading many apps from google play store, I found one interesting app, “SOLOLEARN”. It is unique in its features, it is the whole world, that is taking me down inside it.

Whether it is metro, free time or food time, I am spending my time on this time. Slowly and gradually , I gained 8 certificate on this app. Here is one new problem has arised, That is ,” I am becoming unclear about my path, I was not able to choose any programming language“.

As first year Indian student, I am fascinated about Hacking. I think most of the student have these type of fantasy in one period of their life. I also remember on one day, “I have discussion on this topics with my college teacher in front of whole students”. I still get smiled, remembering that, “What type of student I was at that time”.

Some days has been turned out in the college, Exams are get strucked into my college life. What I has scored in first internal is “10.5 marks” and my friend turn out to be “10 marks”. Beside have having 1200 rank in IPU entrance exam, I get failed in my very first exam of the college. But I don’t have worry about anything related to the marks, I also don’t know why.

These mark has proved that I was deflected to some other interest, I become more confident and clear about my choice, What going inside my mind. Now I becomes more focused on my interest, My rank is getting improved day by day. I was gain more and more confident by this.

Story to be continued in the next article……

This is part-1 of my new “journey” series.

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