How Students Can Develop a Mobile App without Knowledge of Coding

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How to Develop a Mobile AppAs mobile users are increasing day by day, therefore, the popularity of mobile apps is also increasing. The mobile apps have shown their marketing value in almost all the fields of life like e-commerce stores, food delivery, healthcare and online payments etc. In the past, you will have to become a programmer to develop a mobile app. Now, the scenario is changed. If you don’t have enough knowledge about coding, you can also create mobile apps. For this reason, you can use plenty of online resources. Here, we will discuss the top platforms that are helpful for us to develop mobile apps without the knowledge of coding.

Appy Pie:

This essential platform allows you to create mobile apps without coding knowledge in the cloud. By using this platform, you can’t only create mobile apps but you can also create IOS and web apps. After creating apps on this platform, you are allowed to publish these apps on the Google Play Store and iTunes. To develop apps on this platform, you will have to use a simple drag and drop options. It means that you don’t need to download and install some programs or applications. The version of this software is hybrid. It means that you can use this software on various platforms to develop mobile apps. After creating the apps, you can also link these apps with your websites, blogs and media feed etc. If you want to create an app for your business, this tool will provide some essential features to you.


It is also an easy, fast and free platform to develop mobile apps. If you want to develop an app by using this platform, you don’t need to write codes. Moreover, you can perform all the tasks on this platform. It means that you don’t need to download or install anything. The special built-in components of this software allow the users to create mobile, IOS and web apps. There are some plugins in this software. By using these plugins, you can create lots of functions in your mobile app. You just need to select and use the right plugins for the development of your apps. After creating your apps, you are free to share your projects on all the platforms. You can also share your projects with other developers to get their valuable views.


It is a cloud-based tool which allows the developers to develop mobile, IOS and web apps. By using this free platform, you can create an unlimited number of apps. It means that you are not restricted to create a limited number of apps. Moreover, this tool also allows the developers to add unlimited features in their apps. This tool is providing lots of features to the users for the development of mobile apps. This tool also provides a dashboard to the developers to monitor real-time appearance and functions of your app. If you want to add content in your apps, you can add it by using tabs.


Nowadays, gaming apps are in trend. That’s why lots of people want to create gaming apps. This tool is recommended by experts of dissertation help firm and they can make use of this tool. This tool allows users to develop gaming apps without knowledge of coding. It means that you can create gaming apps just by using drag and drop options. This tool allows the developers to design different features of the gaming app, to add sound and to add specific characters. This tool is also providing an online forum for the developers. On this forum, they can ask questions and get the valuable views of the experts.


It is known as an instant app builder without coding knowledge. You can develop apps by using this tool without any experience in the app-building. It is also known as one of the most famous app builders. Its reason is that this tool provides lots of features to the developers to develop apps. After developing these apps, the developers can easily engage their users and they can earn extra money. There are thousands of themes in this platform to build mobile apps. You can use the best and suitable theme to develop your app.


It is a dynamic and interactive tool for developers to develop mobile apps without coding knowledge. This app is providing lots of transparent features and tools to the users. By using these transparent features and tools, you can create the best quality mobile app. The plugin system of this tool makes this tool different from other tools. When you want to develop an app, you will have to select some plugins and widgets. By using these plugins and widgets, you can create specific features in your mobile apps. This is also the best tool to create e-commerce apps. While creating e-commerce apps, you can add lots of integrations in them.


This essential tool doesn’t only provide you with an opportunity to develop mobile apps but it also provides you with an opportunity to learn new tricks. If you want to develop basic apps, this is the best platform for you. It means that it provides an easy to use interface to develop the basic apps. Anyhow, if you want to develop other apps, you will have to use smooth design interface. This smooth design interface allows users to create the best quality mobile apps. If you want to select interacting objects for the development of apps, you can make use of its blocks section.


It is one of the most famous platforms around the world to build mobile apps. That’s why more than 150,000 customers are using this app to build mobile apps. You can develop apps on this platform by following four steps. First of all, you will have to select a suitable theme for mobile apps. Secondly, you will have to add branding elements into your app. In these branding elements, there come logo, social media icons and photos etc. After that, you will have to add customizable content in the app. At last, you will have to publish your app on your desired platform.

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