Our Motive

Our Motive is develop leadership skills inside the student’s. We want to give an experience of real life examples that leader faces in leading their team. Selected mentor’s create an bond with different team members that are easily breakable. All your work doesn’t go into the waste, we give all the credits to your team for all your works. In the last project submission, Project is released on the freshlybuilt github page  and related blogs released on freshlybuilt blog section .We also provide an internship letter for all your work in the end of time period.

So don’t waste your idea by just posting on Github. Work with us, to make an idea to a project.


  • Working experience with different team member's
  • Leadership Development
  • Real Life project challenges
  • Recommendation letter
  • Internship certificate
  • Hand on different technologies and ideology candidate
  • Best Mentor get goodies from Freshlybuilt


  • 3 year or 4 year B.Tech Student
  • Had done a internship or internship letter from some company.
  • Strong Github Profile
  • Strong unique project done by you in any technology

Application Response Time

Average 2-3 Day’s

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