HyperText Markup Language – (HTML) introduction

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HTML introduction

HTML which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.HTML is mainly used for wed designing or we can say that it is basic building block of web designing.


As HTML is a standard markup language which is used for web designing/creating web pages.So, HTML is for web technology aspiriants for begineers .


*HTML stands for hypertext markup language.

*HTML is used for designing structure of wed pages.

*HTML consist of ‘elements’ and ‘tags’ where elements are represented by tages.

*Tags has are in pair , first starting tag is there (<>)and the then ending tag(</>) . It may be heading tag , paragraph tag , title tag etc.

*The starting tag is known as ‘opening tag ‘and ending tag is known as ‘closing tag’.

< ! DOCTYPE> :

The <!DOCTYPE> declaration is used for document type , which help browser to identify what type of document is.

The browser will read the HTML documents and then display it. Web browsers includin Firefox , Chrome , Mozilla etc.Web browser does not display tags but use the tags to display the document.

HTML Page Example:

<!DOCTYPE html> 
<title>Title is written over here</title> 
<h1> WELCOME TO Freshlybuilt.com<br>(Heading is written over here)</br></h1> <p>This is for paragraph.</p> 
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