Importance Of Responsive Website Design For Effective SEO

Importance Of Responsive Website Design For Effective SEO

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Improvement in mobile search results is significant for productivity. More than 50% of internet users are using mobile devices, and this traffic is an excellent chance for business growth. Additionally, Google is also implementing innovative algorithms time-by-time that highly affects mobile search queries.

Google recommends mobile-friendly websites. Responsive design is the best option to go mobile-friendly. These designs are ranked easily as a wide range of traffic can easily access them. A responsive website is also essential for better optimization because SEO practices can be implemented efficiently.

Importance Of Responsive Website Design For Effective SEO

Making a site responsive:

Responsive designs are extremely friendly to SEO. That’s why every client prioritizes such designs when developing new websites from scratch. They usually employ experienced designing firms when developing responsive sites from scratch. An experienced firm such as website design company Dubai must also be capable of making an existing website responsive.

The responsive nature of a website (both pre-existing and developing a new site from scratch) usually depends on a variety of factors. The total time for developers for development and the specified budget are the most critical factors for effective designing. Besides these, some other common factors include:

Responsive theme:

Implementing a responsive theme is the most powerful strategy for mobile-friendly websites. Numerous platforms are available which are offering thousands of such themes. WordPress is the leading platform that provides thousands of responsive themes. Other platforms are also offering a wide range of themes.

Using responsive plugins:

Different plugins are available for mobile-friendly website customization. All of the leading Content Management Systems such as WordPress offer these plugins. The primary purpose of these plugins is to render the contents efficiently. JetPack and WPtouch are the common responsive plugins in WordPress.

Use mobile-friendly technology:

Using mobile-friendly technology is the best option for responsive website development. Every reputable SEO company also recommends it. A mobile-friendly platform makes the site optimized for access on mobile devices. This helps SEO practices to be efficiently applied. Running an SEO campaign for responsive websites gets the most out of them.

Use a fluid layout:

Fluid layout is the best choice to be used for resolving problems related to multiple viewport sizes. The fluid layout was a common strategy before the concept of responsive design. Fluid layouts oppose static widths, which are replaced with a percentage-based width on CSS. A recommended advice is to employ an experienced designer for fluid layouts.

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