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About G.B Pant Government Engineering College, New Delhi

• G. B. Pant Govt. Engineering College was established by
Department of Training and Technical Education, Govt. of NCT
Delhi in the year 2007 .
• The institution was established to be developed into a World
Class Centre keeping in view the global technological
developments and to meet the requirements of the Indian
Industry in 21st Century.
• Today it is one of the best government institution affiliated with
the prestigious Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi

For more information visit: G.B Pant Government Engineering College(GBPEC), New Delhi

INCEPTUM 2019 -Technical Fest of G.B Pant Government Engineering College, New Delhi

• Inceptum 2019 is an upcoming technical fest (6 th time this year) of G. B.
• The aim of Inceptum 2019 is to foster a scientific temperament among
students through different means in order to cater to all kinds of talent. It
ignites a spark of technical competitiveness amongst students. Our vision has
been to bring science and technology to the masses and to inspire them to
achieve the extraordinary by providing them with a platform to showcase their
• In our endeavors to make the event a grand success, our sponsors play an
indispensable role in helping us materialize our plans and aspirations.
• This sponsorship proposal aims at bringing across our aspirations and our plans for Inceptum 2019 to our potential sponsors.

INCEPTUM 2019 is inclusive

• Inceptum 2019 is inclusive of all communities .
• Our team is comprised of people who are empathetic towards people coming from all walks of life
• Additionally, our events are open to undergraduate students of all fields of study.

Types of event in inceptum 2k19

INCEPTUM 2019: The grand fest

  • About 1000 innovative brains from 100+ colleges of Delhi-NCR will participate in this festival.
  • Prizes up to 1.60 lakhs will be given.
  • Our fest is divided into four major categories of events
  • • Computer Science events
  • • Electronics events
  • • Mechanical events
  • • Informal events (contains non-technical events)

This event will be sponsored by freshlybuilt.com, We wish this event to be a big successfull event. For more information and registration related to this event you can visit on inceptum 2k19

Vishal Sharma

Currently pursuing Computer Science degree from G.B Pant Government Engineering college, New Delhi.


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