List of houseplant best to add the colour red to your decor

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Want to add a pop of red to your place? You can rely on plants for that. I know you must have already shortlisted the wall paints, the art that will go along with it till now. But you don’t need these artificial decor when you can easily rely on nature for that. Speaking about flowers and plants, you will find all the colors under this sky. Infact nature gives us the inspiration of colors, whether it is the red color that you wish to add to your place or any other tint from the color family, all you have to do is order plants online.

Adding red to the decor is a bold choice as red really pops to the eyes and definitely attracts attention instantly. This colour can be added to a place or a room you find dull otherwise. If you want to know which plants will be suitable to bring in your place that will add red to your place, then keep on reading. I have shortlisted a few flowering plants that do well when planted indoors as well outdoors. You can place it wherever you like, and also the care guide is mentioned along with so that you know the type of sun they like, water needs, and everything.

Gerbera daisies plant
First on the list is a really happy flower that we love and will enjoy having at our place- gerbera daisies. This is one happy plant that spreads positivity to any place they are added to. They instantly make anyone smile because the flower this plant gives out is so cheerful. The flower of this plant is available in many different colors, and red out of them is very pretty. It has long rays like petals that are painted beautifully in very subtle red. Also, the golden yellow center of the flower looks great along with the flowers. You can even pluck this flower out of your garden to send it to someone.

Amaryllis plant
Amaryllis plants have been uniquely bred to be grown inside the spaces and are unbelievably simple to grow and maintain. They thrive in winter when there is a maximum of shading, and everything around is dull, with amaryllis. You can add color, and they will remain in blossom for quite a long time. Every year, the flower bulb gets somewhat more strong and sends up extra stalks of blossoms on long, tough stems. In case you need your amaryllis to sprout at Christmas time, you should do a touch of extra care. Yet, on the off chance that you are glad to have it blossom on its own schedule, the main offseason care it needs is to be put outside for the mid-year.

Rose plant
Roses needn’t be introduced separately because when a list with a beautiful red flowering plant is being prepared, roses are a definite pick. Indeed, when you think of red blossoms, it is the automatic response of your brain to put a red rose in the picture. Accessible in various hues like pink, yellow, orange, and speaking of the most beautiful tone, red is the one you should plant in your space. Valentine’s Day, the day of affection, is fragmented without roses. A red rose speaks to the love, energy, and profundity of a relationship. With white rose & red rose, you can communicate the essential parts of a relationship, which are wanted, romance, and love. Buy indoor plants online and have pretty roses bloom in your garden.

Flame of the woods
Since we have all red flowers on the list, we certainly cannot miss this plant. If you are searching for a test, developing Ixora as a houseplant is a remunerative one. These are impulsive plants. If you can locate a radiant spot where there is ample sunlight, then let me say that your plant is happy, leave it there. Any adjustment in exposure can make it wither. However, if you can keep it warm and radiant, you will appreciate many huge blossom bunches of many waxy and shiny, green leaves. Love the look, however, don’t have the sun? You may likewise need to consider dwarf Ixora (Ixora Chinensis), which is impressively smaller in size and easier than its somewhat flashier cousin.

These are the plants that will help you to incorporate the color red to any place.

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