Long Short Term Memory (LSTM)

As we know sequence prediction problems have been around for a long time. These include a wide range of problems; from predicting sales to finding patterns in stock markets’ data, from understanding movie plots to recognizing your way of speech, from language translations to predicting your next word on your Phone’s keyboard. They are consideredContinue reading

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RNN(Recurrent Neural Network)

Before going to start the article, I would like to ask a question to all of you :- If I say “working with love I Freshlybuilt” did this make any sense to you? Not at all, now read this :- ” I love working with Freshlybuilt” this made perfect sense. we can see here AContinue reading

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CNN(Convolutional Neural Network)

Have you ever wondered about how object detection helps in building self-driving cars, or how facial recognition works on social media, or  how disease detection is done using visual imagery in healthcare? Sounds too much interesting when we hear about these things. Thanks to convolutional neural networks (CNN), It’s all possible by using convolutional neuralContinue reading

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Practical Implementation of Transfer Learning

In my previous article, I had briefly introduced concept of transfer learning. if you want to know these concepts, make visit on that post through this link: Before going to start let me tell you what is transfer learning? Transfer learning generally refers to a process where a model trained on one problem isContinue reading

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Transfer Learning

As we know pre-trained models are used as the starting point on computer vision and natural language processing tasks given the vast compute and time resources required to develop neural network models on these problems. Deep convolutional neural network models may take days or even weeks to train on very large datasets. A way toContinue reading

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