Young Physicist – Codeforces – Problem – 69A

In this blog we are going to solve a problem on codeforces. You can read the problem statement here. Explaination:- If the current position is (0, 0, 0) then body will be in equilibrium if and only if all the sum of the resolution is zero i.e. x1 + x2 + x3 + … +Continue reading

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Automate Messaging On Google Meet

Due to COVID-19, online meetings have their own importance. So why not we try python to automate the message sending in the google meet.For this, you need basic knowledge of selenium, python, and HTML. In this blog, I am going to share the script of automating messages so if you are a beginner then IContinue reading

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In this short article I am going to tell you about why should we use Libre Office in our professional life. Some Reasons are :- It’s open source. If you are familiar with open source and it’s advantages then there is no need of explanation(developer’s side 💻) but who don’t know, you have the accessContinue reading

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Manipulating Images using Python

Say you are doing internship at and freshlybuilt admin give you the boring job of resizing thousands of images and adding a small logo watermark to the corner of each. Doing this with a basic graphics program such as Paintbrush or Paint would take forever. A fancier graphics application such as Photoshop can doContinue reading

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