My Bucket List

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                                                      MY BUCKET LIST

There will be at-least, 10 unforgettable things that you want to do before you die such as going on a world tour, eating ice cream on a roller coaster(which is quite impossible because the gush of air won’t allow that and the gravity as well when you will be upside down), vacationing with your friends in Goa while you are still in college, and the list will be a long one once you sit down and start writing about it.

In the maddening rush of achieving our work goals or just being able to pay the rent and running errands, we tend to forget about our bucket list. It is understandable.

But the immense joy we get as we cross off the items on the bucket list is unmeasurable, the sense of accomplishing something important to us cannot be expressed in words.

Just by writing your bucket list, you can feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins on imagining how it is going to be …

A bucket list can include anything, it could be something as simple as enjoying a peaceful walk along the quiet trails or something as crazy and as adventurous as sky diving or ringing your neighbor’s doorbell and then running away just to annoy them. Well not intending it but hope you get the context. It all depends on your level of crazy. So, just to give a glimpse, here are some of the points that make up my bucket list.

Let’s get started with my bucket list

1.) Foreign Trip

I want to travel the entire world though I have been to a few countries

2.) To become a sommelier

3.) Own a beach facing house

4.) Learn to swim

5.) Dye my hair red at-least once

6.) Work as a food blogger

7.) Own a restaurant

8.) Create fusion food

9.) Bungee jumping

10.) Scuba diving

11.) Spend an entire day in beach

12.) Try at-least 5000 different dishes

13.) Make a living from food by 40

14.) Vacation with my college friends in Bangkok

15.) Pat tigers

16.) River rafting

17.) Maintain a healthy lifestyle

18.) Visit a bird sanctuary

19.) Travel solo

20.) Successfully drive a motorbike and scooter

21.) See Northern Lights to my heart’s content

22.) Speak four languages

23.) Own a private jet

24.) Learn a foreign language

25.) Be fluent in a foreign language

26.) Go on a hot air balloon

27.) Fly first class

28.) Experience an island life

29.) Learn how to surf

30.) Learn snowboarding

31.) Sleep in a houseboat

32.) Sleep in a tent

33.) Shave my head

34.) Touch a jellyfish

35.) Hold a crab

36.) Providing people with an affordable skincare line all over the world

37.) Ride on the longest roller coaster

38.) Shop at the floating market

39.) Watch snowfall

My list is quite long so, I am ending it here for now but my attempt at crossing the list off is still going on and adding more and more things to it.

Only once you start writing your bucket list is when you realize how long it can be. There is a lot to explore and the list truly never ends because our heart is filled with never-ending desire which keeps us pushing every day to do our best and be our best.

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