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MY EXPERIENCE WITH freeCodeCamp: Being my first blog not making this too formal , I want to express my personal views on the legitimate and certainly well-known organization which according to survey approximately placed 90,000 web developers that is “freeCodeCamp”- from here onwards I will abbreviate it  as fCC , that’s what I heard of when I started my first year journey.

When I heard of fCC from my college seniors the word “free” strike my mind :p . Here what I liked the most is not only free certificates but actually a lot more than that is given to me by this.

My initial stages of this were like no one knows no one matters, but as we know consistency is the best way to gain skills, I am definitely going to do that. One of my classmate told me that he stopped after 215 challenges and I was astonished by this because at that time I started and so far covered 6 challenges. But I never loss hope. I will let you know my present conditions with fCC in further reading but before that let me give you a brief about it : consists of several modules certifications

— starting with responsive web design [HTML5, CSS] and ,

— ending with Coding Interview Preparation

which excitingly consists of thousands of hours and in total 7 certificates with coursework of +2500 hours (Yeh!). Each module consists of several challenges and at last 5 project works have to be submitted to claim certificate.

Here consistency matters a lot, you have to be patient and move slowly by achieving small goals and at last you will definitely be ready to work as a web developer (how cool is that!) . There is nothing like difficultly level increasing in higher challenges but as per my experience it remains same or sometimes easier 🙂

Courses Status :  Active
Perquisites : Person must be enthusiastic and determinant (prior any age)
Duration : +2500 hrs [depends on your speed]
Start Date :  Anytime (I personally suggest start from now!)
Support : Online/One supportive senior like Vishal 🙂
Certificates : free
@3 April 2020 – keshav- raturi

Now coming back to my struggle and all… 🙂 specially this lock-down is a boon for me as for making me to come so far. I recently completed all projects and I have now all certifications under my belt and below is the final (grand) one which we get after completing all projects and certification challenges!!

@3 April 2020 – keshav- raturi

I completed 800 (as are continuously increasing) challenges which worth +2000 hours you can check my Portfolio at Here and certificates even on LinkedIn .

Your suggestions or any error corrections are most welcomed at [email protected]

By learning for free, and gearing up for a post-corona-virus economy, you can put yourself in the position to do maximum amount of good for your community. Stay safe and happy coding 🙂

[   NOTE: Quincy Larson (founder of fCC) made this not only limited with web dev coursework but also going to start python certification courses and even have hundreds  of blogs and podcasts 

For Reference :

o YouTube Channel :  

o Quincy Larson :  [email protected]

o Podcasts :

o Python :

o News :

o Forum :  ]

Two hours HTML go through
Very nice explanation of CSS

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