Palmers olive oil Leave in conditioner

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This is the Palmers Olive Oil Leave in Conditioner. It’s the olive oil leaving conditioner full phrase problem here. And this product has no sulfates No. Cannabinoids no mineral oil no gluten and no studies that you will see me apply this leaving conditioner. And during the tutorial, I say that I’ll give you my views on the results. I do have this sitting in my here right now. And I think that worked OK as a spray, in the end, my hair is soft it is hydrated so I am happy with the results.

As I and I thought it worked really well with the stylus that I used. This isn’t a product that I would we purchase. But if you’re someone who really likes to spray leaving conditioner you’d actually be conditioners that are very very light you all going to like this. Personally, I like to think creamy leaving conditioner sprays for me can be very difficult during the application process. But as I said I do like the results but it isn’t something that I would purchase again. So let’s start using this comment olive oil leaving conditioners.

And this is very much a first impression so I’m just going to spray this in Adelaide. How much comes out of the spray bottle.

That’s very very encouraging. And I’m just going to spray as much as I can.

Then I’m just going to rake it through my heat and I’m just going to judge by how cold my hair feels. Does it feel soft does it feel like you have enough products in mind you that’s the only way I’ll be able to gauge. And so far so good.

I’m just going to put a little bit more.

Personally, I do like I’m sick of cleaning leaving conditioners. That’s just a personal preference for me sprays or just to to the. But that seems to be about enough. And all I’m going to keep doing. Guys I’m just going to keep on spraying this all over my head. The only way I’m going that gauge is. If this is a good leaving conditioner or not is after I styled my hair. And then I’ll be able to see how it works with the style up. And if it keeps my hair soft and hydrated you know like the next day.

Day to day three heat. That’s the only way no one can really tell. I apologize. We keep looking that way. I need to see what I’m doing in the mirror so I apologize for that. The smell of this. Very subtle. I don’t care for it. You know and this lady conditioner is also for Mohave that is prone to spruce. That’s a very nice promise that they all three. Not that I finish the application on this site.

What do you guys think for me? Not happy with this. It’s just very very lightweight in terms of the application. If you have the money I think you know I love it. I think it’s going to be amazing.

But you guys know exactly what I do every time. If I don’t like any sprays it’s going to go as a refresher and it’s leaving conditioner.

So for me to use it as leaving in the morning it’s absolutely fine. Sprays which just so much.

You know so so much work for me personally.

Some of you guys might love it. You might think oh this is so easy. You just spray a little bit.

Let me address it to you guys. I can only gauge by applying it and feeling as to my heat. I do have an article on Palmer’s olive oil carwash which I quite liked. And my hands are quite sore now.

And so do you guys a bit further. Olive oil lime to the coconut lime or what is the general consensus with you guys on. Which line you like. I personally haven’t tried the coconut lime. When I was in stores. I think I’d love this. It. Does. Camera. I just reach for the olive oil. I just felt like olive oil is just going to be a lot better. So I can’t get any comments on the.

I will come back with my final thoughts once I have a stylist. As I said and once my he has you know try to do the same for the stylist let you know if that soft Howard was how it held up and all that good stuff. I do have the sleeve in my here right now. And I think that it worked ok as a spread lead and. My hair is soft. It is hydrated.

So I am happy with the results as they leave. And I thought it worked really well with the stylist that I used. Guys, I hope you enjoy reading my article about the palmers is leaving conditioner. I think that did an ok job as I said earlier.

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