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Salesforce has not only been supporting its employees , but it has been doing efforts to support its customers , community member to be safe and healthy as possible during this unprecedented time . 
Salesforce has taken numerous steps , Some taken by the company itself  and some by trailhead  . 


Even as we continue to serve our customers around the globe, our top priority remains keeping our employees, families, and communities as healthy and safe as possible.
~Marc Benioff (Salesforce CEO )

Salesforce have suspended all cross-border travel, limited domestic travel, and advised employees to postpone events with 50+people. In an effort to continue mitigating the spread of COVID-19, Salesforce employees in most locations around the globe will be working from home until at least early June. Several weeks ago, Salesforce  created the B-Well Together mental wellness program for thei employees which is now opened for the public so everyone has the opportunity to hear from incredible scientists, humanitarians, artists and leaders.

Salesforce Donations

On March 2020 , Salesforce announced about donating $1 million to UCSF’s COVID-19 Response Fund and $500K to the CDC Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund to support the global response to this virus.Moreover Salesforce employees have been donating to all eligible organizations, and during this time  they support organizations such as the CDC FoundationUNICEFDirect Relief, Save the Children, and Give2Asia

Around April 10.2020  Salesforce announced  about expanding support for the affected by donating $1.5 million to organizations like the Italian Red Cross, Madrid Food Bank, and New York COVID-19 Emergency Fund. The funds will support mitigation and direct relief for vulnerable populations.

PROTECTION KITS : At Salesforce,  a collective effort was initiated to get the healthcare professionals the critical personal protection equipment (PPE) they need. It sourced more than 50 million units of PPE including masks, gowns, suits, and face shields, for hospitals in the U.S., India, and France. 

Salesforce Technology

 Salesforce made  its technology available to help our customers, partners, and communities. Through Health Cloud, Salesforce will provide free access to technology for emergency response teams, call centers, and care management teams for health systems affected by coronavirus.

A solution by Deloitte organisation on Salesforce Health Cloud.

Tableau has developed a free data resource hub to help organizations see and understand coronavirus data in near real-time. This includes case data compiled by Johns Hopkins University as well as data from WHO and the CDC. To help teams collaborate while employees are away from the office, Quip Starter will be available for free to any Salesforce customer or non-profit organization through September 30, 2020.


Navigating through these uncertain times reminds us of the value of connection. I want to share a few updates on how Team Trailhead is providing support, and perhaps even some comfort, during this unprecedented time.

Covid -19 Trail

To help trailblazers during this time, Trailhead has launched new Trailhead content, designed for people new to working from home.

The  trail includes new Personal Productivity, Self-Motivation, and Best Practices for Working from Home badges.

Trailblazer Community events gone virtual

All of the  in-person meetings  have been cancelled to protect the community. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that the trailblazers still feel connected to each other.

 Community Group Leaders have schedule a variety of virtual meetings. Check out the list of , curated by the community. And join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with .

As always, you can visit  to find help and collaborate with the community anytime.

Ease To Certifications

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many of the ease has made so as trailblazers could still get certified .Numerous Salesforce Certification updates has taken place that will hopefully help ease concerns around maintenance, exam rescheduling, and online proctored exams.

      Salesforce certifications  were automatically maintained for this release cycle. Certification status was updated by April 10 and trailblazers received email confirmation.  No action was required and your certification(s) did not expire. If you’d like to continue your learning journey, maintenance modules will still be available to you.

Salesforce is working with  exam vendor Kryterion to waive all rescheduling and cancellation fees. If you see a fee when you’re trying to cancel or reschedule your exam, submit a case with Trailhead Support for help. Points to keep in mind:

  • If you’re trying to reschedule your exam, be sure to include the date, time, and location you’d like to take your exam.
  •  If you paid with a voucher code, when you cancel your exam, your voucher will reactivate and can be used when rescheduling the exam.
  • If you canceled or rescheduled your exam due to COVID-19 concerns and paid a late fee, submit a case with Trailhead Support for assistance with a refund. Refunds will take approximately 10 business days to process back to the original method of payment.

Online proctoring through Kryterion allows you to take Salesforce certification exams remotely from your computer. To ensure that taking your exam online is easier than ever, temporarily, an external webcam is no ,ore required.

You can now use an internal, built-in webcam on your desktop or laptop computer to take your certification exam remotely. Learn more about .

Virtual Trailhead Academy Classes

In response to the evolving situation and for the safety of the community, Trailhead have updated its entire global schedule from physical to .
While reimagined,  classes will continue to provide a dynamic instructor-led learning experience with small class sizes.
Additionally, Trailhead Academy is offering free prep courses through a series of . These one-day expert-led virtual events will guide you through the curriculum, live. Classes are available across global timezones and additional opportunities will continue to be added.


As we all continue to navigate this confusing time, we hope you know that trailblazer community is always there to  support each other.
Here are two trailmixes that contain resources which you may found valuable:  and .

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