Some C++ Applications in real world

Some C++ Applications in real world

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C++ is close to the hardware, can easily manipulate resources, provide procedural programming over CPU intensive functions and is fast.

1.)Games:- C++ is able to override the complexities of 3Dgames and provides multilayer networking. All these benefits of C++ make it a primary choice to develop gaming software.

2.) Development of new languages:- Efficiency of code execution and simplicity has resulted in C ++directly or indirectly influencing the development of many languages including D, Java, Limbo, JavaScript, Perl, UNIX’s C Shell, PHP and Python, and Verilog.

3.) Compilers:- Compilers of various high-level languages are written in C++ because it is close to hardware and is able to program and manipulate the underlying hardware resources.

4.) 12D Solutions is an Australian software developer specializing in civil engineering and surveying applications and water engineering. 12dPL is based on a subset of C++ language with special extensions to allow easy manipulation of 12d Model data.

5.) Operating System:- Strongly typed and fast programming of C++ makes it an ideal candidate for writing operating systems. C++ also has a wide collection of system-level functions that also help in writing low-level programs. Ex:- Microsoft Window OS

6.) Computation Platforms: C++ implements algorithms and data structures swiftly, facilitating faster computations in programs. This has enabled the use of C++ in applications requiring higher degrees of calculations like MATLAB and Mathematica.

7.) Amadeus:- It is running the biggest non-military datacenter in Europe is doing most of its current developments in C++. All Unix-based server applications are completely C++. Some of them:- Electronic Ticketing, Car reservation, etc.

8.) Medical and Engineering Applications:– Many advanced medical types of equipment, such as MRI machines, use C++ language for scripting their software. It is also part of engineering applications, such as high-end CAD/CAM systems.

9.) Database software:- C++ is also used in writing database management software. The two most popular databases are MySQL and Postgres are written in C++.

10.) Graphics:- C++ is useful in developing an application that requires high-performance image processing, real-time physical simulations, and mobile sensor applications that need high performance and speed . Ex:- Maya 3D Software from the Alias system is developed in C++.


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