Some Important Libraries In Python

Some Important Libraries In Python

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Some Important python libraries you must know:-

1.) Scrapy:- One of the popular data science library. Scrapy is a fast and
open-source framework. It helps to build a program which retrieves data
from the web, basically, it helps in collecting data from the web.

2.) BeautifulSoup:- It is another web crawling framework used for web
scraping. It also collects in CSV files according to user needs.

3.) Numpy:- It is used for performing basic array operations. It uses
multidimensional arrays for storing information. It also provides tools
for manipulating these arrays. It also helps in image processing.

4.)Scipy:- It is used to solve scientific and mathematical problems.
SciPy consists of all the numerical code. It offers efficient numerical
routines in its submodules.

5.) OpenCV:- It is used for image processing. It gives many inbuilt functions
to manipulate images. It also manipulates videos, helps to capture
video of any moment. It also helps in object recognition such as
the face , eyes and many more.

6.) Matplotlib:- This library is used for drawing of 2d graphs. It can draw
various graphs like a pie graph, scatter plot and bar. graph. This library
helps in showing data in graph form which is easier to understand for
example we can use this for comparing profits in companies.

7.) Pandas:- Pandas make manipulating and analysing data easy.It is
most popular library for data science. It store data using two data
structures :-

(i) :- series (one dimensional array).

(ii):-data frames(like a table with multiple column). it provides inbuilt functions for handling these data .

8.) TensorFlow:- If you worked on machine learning then you must know
about TensorFlow. It was originally developed by google brain
team .Tensorflow combines machine learning and deep learning. It’s the
best tool for tasks like object identification, speech recognition, text
recognition, and many others. It helps in working with neural networks
that need to handle multiple data sets.

9.) Keras: – Keras is TensorFlow high-level API for building and training
deep learning models this library helps in understanding neural networks, it is easy to use. It has various tools helps to work with
images and text easily. It helps in making deep models for an operating
system like android.

10.) Pytorch: – Pytorch is a machine learning library based on a torch. It is
developed by Facebook artificial intelligence team. It used for
applications like natural language processing. It makes deep learning
tasks easy to do.


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