Jump Statement in C/Cpp

The jump statements unconditionally transfer program control within a function. C++ has 4 jump statements: return, goto, break,continue.Of these, return and goto may be used anywhere in the program whereas break and continue are used inside smallest enclosing like loops etc. The return statement The return statement is used to Read more…

Do and Do-While Loop

THE WHILE LOOP while loop can be address as an entry control loop, since the text-expression is present at entry only. Syntax: Initialization; while (condition) { // code block to be executed updation; } In a while loop initialization must be done outside the loop. Remember, while statement should not be terminated. Example int Read more…

For loop in c++/c/cpp

It is the iterative statement, through which we can execute a set of instructions repeatedly. Syntax:- for(initialization expression(s); test-expression;update-expression) { //Body of loop; } Let’s understand all terms one by one: Initialization expression(s): It initialize the loops control variable. It tells the compiler about the number of times the loop Read more…

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