Interface in Java

Java does not support multiple inheritance, therefore, it provides a concept of inheritance for implementing multiple inheritance. An interface same as an abstract class does not create an object of itself. An interface is created using an interface keyword. A static function has been implemented in an interface from JDK7. Read more…

Wrapper class in java

To make java fully object-oriented, wrapper Class was introduced. It is used to convert a primitive data type into an object and vice versa. A wrapper class is divided into two categories: Autoboxing, that converts primitive data type to object.Unboxing, that converts object to primitive data type. Eight classes of Read more…

Introduction To Java Programming

Evolution Of Programming Language Fortran(Assembler Based), a formula translation was developed in 1957.Algol (Assembler Based), algorithm based was developed in 1960.BCPL (Assembler Based), basic combine programming language ,developed in 1963.CPL (Assembler Based),combineprogramming language developed in 1967.B language(Interpreter Based) developed by Martin Richie in 1970.C language(Compiler Based) developed by Denis Richie Read more…

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