Week-2 Education Related Project

Week-2 Education Related Project

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After the end of week-1 we were stumbling upon MongoDB versus SQLite for the database of our system. Actually we were about to recreate new database other than MySQL. And we decided to use MongoDB as our new database. Most of the members of the team are unaware of that but luckily I have a nice experience with it.

But, what a shocky as well as interesting news appear to me that we are changing our framework to Django, Yes! I know much about it. So, this was good news as my MySQL client / XAMPP also was not working and flask was not behaving nicely in my computer.  So, a big question arose at that time was to convert the whole bunch of code from flask to Django.

According to our leader

As most of the members already knows the flask, so they can read our previous code base and then write down the same architecture into new django code.It will act like an reverse engineering of a project.

Ok that’s good.

Previous one of our team member successfully made a MCQ question scrapper using bs4 and many modules. And it was a time to categories the questions on the basic of marks  i.e. we will be giving some weight-age to every question and answer. So, our leader decided that we are going to build a model that can categories questions into three different categories i.e

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert

So this was actually something that is needed to be done but before that me and my friend were assigned the task for converting flask codes to Django within the supervision of our senior. It was very hard for me to understand  that flask code because it there were 3-4 XML script which were enough for me to make me feel sad 🙁 but our ‘one man army’ without any previous knowledge attempted to make that changes along and that was amazing  . But there are still many things to done before our flask changed Django project store data successfully on our local server.

Database conversion, to make our own authentication system with high security & along with the marks categorization are the work which are still in continuation and we will update our next steps soon.

One more secret I am revealing here that we have not decided our project suitable name and surely that is going to be interesting as is taking time :p.

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