What is Deep Learning and its Application

What is Deep Learning and its Application

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Deep Learning and its application

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is a subset of machine learning and its works on the structure of a human brain,i.e It have a similar functioning like our neural network in our brain. It learns from data that is unstructured and uses complex algorithm to train a neural net.

Input Layer: Accept large volumes of data as input to build the network.

Hidden layer: Process the data by performing complex operations and carries out feature extraction.

Output Layer: Generate the predicated output by applying suitable activation function.

Recent Example

Deep Learning Moved artificial intelligence to a different level. Deep Learning based system(DeepMind AlphaGo) defeated Lee Sedol in the Go board game who was the ranked 1 player for this game around the world. Not only in the game, Deep learning is beating humans and generating better predictions in lots of industry.

Artificial Neural Network

An artificial neural network is an information-processing system that has certain performance characteristics in common with biological neural networks. Artificial neural network have been developed as generalizations of mathematical models of human cognition or neural biology.

It is based on some assumptions that are given below:

  • Information Processing Occurs at many simple element called neurons.
  • Signals are passed between neurons over connection links.
  • Each connection link has an associated weight, which in a typical neural net, multiplies the signal transmitted.
  • Each neuron applies an activation function(usually non-linear) to its net input (sum of weighted input signals) to determine its output signal.

Application of Deep Learning

Source: houseofbots.com

These are some of the application of deep Learning:

  • Image generation and Object Detection.
  • Translate text from one language to another language by following all the language rules.
  • Generate text or videos as per person’s mood.
  • Read raw handwritten text,correct them grammatically and produce articles.For example, Inshorts.
  • Identify trending news and detect fake news,warnings in advance.
  • Self Driving Cars:Drive cars on the street with full safety.For example, Tesla cars.
  • Speech Recognition:Identify and generate speech of a person. For example, Alexa, Google Assistant.
  • Face Recognition:Identify faces,sense emotions or feeling.For example,Face lock in mobile phone.

Deep Learning and Neural Network

Neural Network and deep learning provide the best solution for the hottest problem in the industry in computer vision ,speech recognition,natural language processing etc.

As in today’s world data is increasing with rapid speed.Generating insights from large amount of data is the power of deep learning.Deep Learning is becoming popular recently with GPUs in the market,which can do computation much faster than traditional CPUs.

Also,a lot of open source libraries such as Tensorflow,Torch,Keras,Caffe etc are introduced which helps and get the best from deep learning models.

Deep Learning moved artificial intelligence to a different level.Deep Learning based system such as Deepmind AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol in the Go board game who was the ranked 1 player for this game around the whole world.Not only in the games , deep learning is beating humans and generating better predictions in lot of industry.From advanced failure detection in manufacturing industry to diagnose and predict early stage cancer , deep learning is used everywhere.

Deep learning and neural network

Deep Learning refers to training of a Deep Neural network.A neural network is a network or circuit of neurons, or in a modern sense, an artificial neural network, composed of artificial neurons or nodes.

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