What is Machine Learning?2 min read

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is the next big thing in computer science.From manufacturing to e-commerce and shipping.It is used everywhere and provide solution which are based on the data.

The idea behind Machine Learning is to make a knowledgeable model which is intelligent as human in taking a decision.Now with the increasing power of computation and memory,Machine Learning can provide even better solution than humans

We all are human,we learn from experiences.From the day we born,we start learning things.For example, when go near to fire first time,we feel the heat, and we came back.We learn not to go too close to the fire.

Now think about the working of a computer. It follows the instruction given by humans.It can process millions of instruction in a second and return the result.It can perform the task described by human but cannot take decision by itself.

Here comes the machine learning in action.What will happen if we will give computer ability to think like a human?Isn’t it Awesome? We can give every day’s action in a format that a computer can understand and a math around it and build some model that will help it taking actions in future.

So we learn from experience and computer follows instruction.Instead we can give experience directly to computer to learn and prepare itself for action.Now we define the experience in a structured format.So we can say computer learn from data(Experience) and this process is called Machine Learning.

So,Machine Learning Algorithms are kind of smart algorithms that gives you power of taking decision based on experience.

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