What Is Water Purifier? Why Do You Need RO System For Your Home

What Is Water Purifier? Why Do You Need RO System For Your Home

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Water is considered as an essential component in our daily life. We cannot think a single day without water. The researcher says that the human body is made of 70% water. As per the USGS water science school, 71% of the earth is water, the rest island. In our earth, sources of water are different. Lakes, oceans, rivers and many more. Due to pollution, it is difficult to get pure, clear water. This is the only reason for various diseases. So it is important to drink purified water. Here water purifier plays a vital role. Water purification can be done in multiple ways. We do have old techniques as well as the new up to date techniques too. This purifier provides us clean and quality water. Before having a water purifier so many things to comes in our mind. How does the water get cleaned? What kind of process is used to purify the water, stages of purification? The main objective of the Aquafresh RO system is to produce clean and safe drinking water. Water purifiers are various types. Among all RO water purifier service, Pureit service near me is the best one.

What is RO water purifier?

RO or Reverse Osmosis is the best water purifier in recent age. It uses the RO membrane for water purification. So what is the RO membrane? An excellent thin cloth use for this membrane. It helps to filter the water and remove all the chemical molecules. Molecules are thousands of times smaller than bacteria, germs, and viruses. So that means the membrane automatically removes the bacteria viruses as well. With the use of an Aquafresh RO water purifier, you can get rid of pesticides, heavy metals, etc. For home, it is the best choice. The RO membrane consists of very thin holes, which are known as pores.

Why Do You Need An RO purifier

Out of all RO water is the best among all. For home purposes, it is the best choice. The RO purifier removes all the dissolved water chemicals, which other purifiers cannon do. Arsenic is a poison, water with arsenic is like poison for the human body. Only with RO, you can get rid of the arsenic. No doubt the RO water system is the best purifier.

RO removes contaminants like sodium, arsenic, copper lead. The size of the membrane is 0.0001 microns. It removed all the impurities of the water. Even it removed the salt as well and made the water tastier. Heavy metals and salts removed by the filter and make the water sweet.

How Does Water Purifier Work

As already mentioned in the beginning, The RO water purifier uses various steps for purification. Each stage consists of a specific filtration and removes the contaminants. RO filter uses a different filter to remove the pollutants,

  • Sediment filter
  • Activated carbon filter
  • RO membrane

The First Stage Of The Filtration

In the first stage of filtration is for the membrane. To protect the membrane from any damage from other particles. This is the first stage of filtration when the large particles like large sediment and solids get separated and reduce the chlorine. Carbon and sediment filter are used in the first stage of filtration.

The Second Stage Of Filtration

Aquafresh water purifier is considered as the best water purifier in India. After the first stage of filtration the water through the semipermeable membrane. The semipermeable membrane consists of minor pores. The smaller molecules of water pass through the membrane, and the membrane blocks the large particles.

Final Filtration

In this filtration stage, it removes all the remained contaminants, so that you can get pure and safe and sweet water for drinking purposes. If some components don’t pass through it drained out

Advantages Of RO Purifier

As already mentioned above that RO dissolves the salt and solids which is harmful to your body. The purifier removes the magnesium and calcium as well, which is good for the body. As we all know, this is not only the source we have. We can get magnesium and calcium from other food as well. Advantages of RO purifier are mentioned below

  • No other purifiers can do the purification like RO. It removes all the chemical and dissolved solids that other purifiers cannot remove.
  • This purification system all the harmful germs which are not good for health.
  • Heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic removed by the RO water purifier.
  • As per WHO ( world health organization), the international body which is related to health said that consumption of arsenic is hazardous for the human body. It can cause skin cancer or can also create other cancer too. Cadmium consumption can be the reason for kidney damage. Only the RO purifier can remove all this. If you are looking for a way purifier without any doubt go for Kent RO service. One of the best ones.
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