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In this short article I am going to tell you about why should we use Libre Office in our professional life.

Some Reasons are :-

  1. It’s open source. If you are familiar with open source and it’s advantages then there is no need of explanation(developer’s side 💻) but who don’t know, you have the access to source code of program you are using. ✌
  2. It’s free unlike MS-office where you had to buy license for use.
  3. It’s cross – platform means you can use it in Linux, Windows and macOS whereas MS-office is not available for Linux.
  4. You can directly upload your documents to google drive from here. This also supports SSH so you can share file easily between remote servers.
  5. According to some user they are not able to open older .doc file (including me) in latest MS-Word (using non stadard format OOXML – docx) which is a downside of MS-office whereas in Libre Office it supports many formats which is never going to change over decade.
  6. You can save your documents in the ISO approved Open Document Format (ODF).

If you find any bug while using you can report that to them also if you want a new feature in it then you can suggest it here.

These are some of the reasons why I like it most but for detailed comparison you can read Feature_Comparison:_LibreOffice_-_Microsoft_Office . Also, To download Libre Office – download.

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